Another interesting facet of the Meek & Beach stock trays is the cataloging/numbering they used directly on their trays, often with a name or phrase for the subject art.  These clues, similar to Copy Right dates on the art used on some trays can make it confusing, so we will try to tease out the details and help you with your estimates and accurate representation of these trays history.

Significant research has been done to try to sort this information out, but inconsistences and missing information is strewn across this story, leaving gaps and guesses.  If you believe you have broken another portion of the Meek & Beach ‘stock tray code,’ we would love to hear from you.  And if you have examples of stock images we missed, then please forward them so we can add them to the database.
On to the Meek & Beach Catalog of Stock Trays
Fascinating view  of proposed establishment branding capabilities of these stock trays - from their own sales catalog
The 'Stock' Exchange
Meek & Beach - Coshocton, OH
The story of the Meek & Beach stock trays is a bit complicated, but quite important when trying to sort through, the by far, largest number of stock images used by brewers and others to advertise their businesses.

There were mergers, splits, parallel companies and name changes, all giving us clues to which incarnation of their businesses produced the trays and more importantly for most collectors, when they were made.
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