When a project has a  goal of capturing a complete visual history of any collectible, it is natural to reference capture images that are available on the internet from auctions, other reference sites, Facebook Group member posts and other digital sources.

Whenever possible, the pictures used have been captured from our or our friends' collections or we have contacted the owner of the image for permission.  In the exciting new stock section, images have been captured from other collectors sites, auctions and general internet searches to catalog via 'proof of life' via picture.  The image quality is purposely reduced to prevent malicious use of these images.  If you see an image which you believe to be yours and you are not willing to be part of our historical documentation efforts, please contact us and we will remove the image immediately and begin our search for another representation of that particular tray.   Reminder this is a profit free effort and site, solely focused on capturing and cataloging history.

On the flip side of this topic, there are so many ways you can capture our pictures and as a result, we will not even try to stop you (no watermarks - no anti-capture measures here), as we trust that you will use them responsibly.  That said, if we see you are making reproduction or fantasy pieces with our images, that is certainly not responsible and we will then take action to let others know of your disrespect for our hobby.

Please enjoy Trayman2.0 and help us continually improve, as we try to accurately preserve historical representation and presentation of this amazing art form.  On to the Trays!!

The Trayman2.0 Tray Capture Project Team
The Objective of Trayman2.0 - The Beer Tray Capture Project is to document all known US, Canadian & Central & South American beer advertising serving trays -┬áin a free, intuitive database.  Enjoy exploring by following the menu above and if you have something we missed, even a minute variation, please share by following the 'Participate by Sharing' link.  Via email, you can easily attach pictures and share information you would like us to include as part of this effort.