- Nits and Nats on the For Sale Items -
The trays I am selling are duplicates from my collection. I either upgraded (or thought I upgraded) or picked up a duplicate in an Auction Lot. I currently don't have near enough time to, by 'em low and sell 'em high. My grading system ( hopefully) should give you a good idea of what will show up in the mail. Scale is out of 10. I will cover shipping to you, however if you want to return it, you cover shipping and handling back. Insurance may need to be addressed on larger shipments.

I am willing to bargain if you are buying multiple trays or have purchased trays from me in the past. I may be willing to trade if you have something which strikes my fancy. I will need to wait for checks to clear (especially if I do not have any history with you). I can't take credit cards or PayPal - sorry, this is just a hobby. Money Orders will get the tray shipped out as soon as I can get to the post office. I ship Priority Mail. My job is such that I can usually only get to the Post Office on Saturdays. If it is a crisis situation, I will try to skip out at lunch and get it in the mail. Enough all ready, shoot me an e-mail and I bet we can work it all out!!!