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Take the Beer Bottle / Label Challenge - Multiple Choice, match the label with the bottle - Trayman was 10 out of 12! Girlfriend was very unimpressed by this fact! Give it a try...
Brewer's Sites
Go to Shiner's Web Site
Nothing could be finer than an Ice Cold Shiner! A fun page - where you can send someone you like a virtual beer.
Go to Leinie's Web Site
The Leini page! Great Gift Store stuff at the Lodge. No trays unfortunately :(
Go to Corona's Web Site
A cool page and a place to get all the brand new Corona Trays you always see on eBay!
Go to AB's Web Site
You live in St. Louis - you gotta support the local brew!
Go to the Coors Web Site
Still fondly remember my dad smuggling Coors into Texas and having to keep them cold all the time so they would not go bad!
My Personal Favorite Mass Consumption Beer - especially as a Black and Tan or Half and Half.
Go to the Pabst Web Site
Another great Milwaukee Brewer!
Go to Yuengling's Web Site
One day I would like to check this place out!
Go to the Sam Adams Web Site
Boston Brewing Co.!
Go to the Miller Web Site
Drank many a Disco Beer (Miller Highlife in a clear bottle) while working in the Dixie Chicken in College Station Texas!
The Rock....for some reason they took down their site. Hopefully they will crank one up again at some point....
Point is good beer. Saw it in St. Louis a couple of months ago. Are they making a national move? Hope so as it is a tasty brew!

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