Quincy Beer - Quality Beer
Tray Manufacturer:
American Art Works
Coshocton, OH
Est. Near Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Good, with some very
well done repairs
Size, Shape & Style:
12.5" x 16.25 x 1.25"
Oval - Pie
Date & Where Purchased:
May 2000
Quincy Bottle
Stock Tray:
Dick & Bros. Q.B. Co's.
Quincy, Illinois
Comments: Wow, what a great tray. First one I had ever seen, but my buddy Tom saw one in Quincy while rooting around in antique malls on a business trip. Picked this one up on eBay and can't believe it did not go for more. The repairs were done very well. Mine would not be for the purest, but it displays great and it is a great representation of a very tough tray.
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