Beer Driver's Union - Local 132
Deutschland 1916 - Capt. Konig
Tray Manufacturer:
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
13" x 1.25"
Round - Pie
Date & Where Purchased:
July 2000
Beer Driver Union Sub
Stock Tray:
Beer Driver's Union, Local 132
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Comments: One of those cases where I paid a bit too much for a very nice tray. Concluded a non-met reserve auction and a week later one (in not quite as good a shape came along) and sold for half the price. Oh well, I guess there has to be some bad luck, so you can have good luck. Very nice tray, aquisition tale aside. This tray is a portrait of Captain Konig being crowned with a laurel wreath by some typed of winged child. The submarine is the German submarine the Deutchsland . Lore has it this was a souvenir tray from the Beer Drivers Union Local 132 Philadelphia & vicinity, sold or given out during a visit by the Sub to the Philadelphia harbor. I would like more information regarding the date of this tray and the real story behind it as I do not believe the tray manufacturing techniques are consistent with the date on the tray. Go here for some more scoop on this tray based on my question above. Thanks for getting us the real scoop Chris!
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