Superb Export Beer
"Birk Bros. Brewing Co."
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12.75" x 16.25" x 1.25"
Oval - Litho - Pie
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February 2001
Birk Bros. Superb
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Birk Bros. Brewing Co.
Chicago, Illinois
Comments: This tray is not common at all. I have only seen one and this is it. I picked this one up from a friend on eBay. Davipar is his eBay tag. He and I have duked it out several times on eBay. We both have a passion for real nice trays. I have bought a few from him and on one of the purchases he came over to the house for an afternoon of tall tray stories some tray veiwing and a few cold ones. I picked this one up at his office and had a chance to see the great trays he has on his wall. Must be nice to decorate your office at work with your trays. It would not go over to well where I work. Anyway, Davipar is a nice guy and if you end up buying a tray from him it is most likely going to be a tough, great condition tray. This one is in great condition. It does appear at some point, some one clear coated this tray, but they did an excellent job, save one run mark.
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