"The Original Falstaff"
Tray Manufacturer:
Est. Near Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Expertly Painted Over
or Restored
Size, Shape & Style:
12.25" x 17.25 x 0.75"
Rectangular - Plate - Litho
Date & Where Purchased:
May 2000
Ugly Sir John
Stock Tray:
Lemp Brewing Co.
St. Louis, Missouri
Comments: Now here is a very interesting tray. I would say it is quite scarce as I have never seen one before, however that is not what makes this particular tray interesting. I watched it on eBay and lost out during bidding at a pretty high price. It seems the high bidder was not happy with the seller not going into more details about the repairs done to the tray. Being more of a collector of cool looking stuff and not a total stickler for perfection, I went ahead and purchased (at a substantially less price) when it was re-listed on eBay. The tray certainly has been painted over, but I cannot figure out if it was someone practicing painting or if they were trying to restore. Never the less, whatever they were trying to do, they did an excellent job. The detail is incredible. I am very happy to have this unusual piece in my collection.

My Lemp contact provided me with the following regarding this great tray. "Why is this piece called the "ugly Sir John"? Lemp used many variations of the Falstaff character through the years in their advertising of Falstaff beer. Some have Sir John as quite rotund, others have him more slimmed-down. Some pieces have him with more or less hair than others. However, this particular piece seems to illustrate him as quite large, with somewhat of a toad's head, and with warts or bumps of kind around his left eye. Compared to other renditions of Sir John in other Falstaff advertising, he basically looks "ugly"."
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