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The Trayman's Tray Trivia Question #10
Well the answer to this Question used to be Lone Star and that may still be a correct answer. Only problem is Pabst bought the Lone Star Brand from Stroh's, who bought it from Heileman, who bought it from Olympia and Pabst is brewing Lone Star again in the Old Pearl Brewery in San Antonio (don't ask me why, but it is a cool old brewery and I am glad someone is using it and they have not turned it into a fancy shop place or office building. Anyway the Correct answer to this question is Jax. The Jackson Brewing Company is out of business, so if you want a Jax tray, it will have to be an old one. That's not a bad thing as most of the new ones are pretty junky anyhow.
If you got this on the first try, you are CORRECT!!!
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