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 Where do you get information regarding Beer Trays?
There is a lot of information regarding U.S. Breweriana and Trays, however I have not been able to find much with regards to Canandian and Latin America items. If anyone knows where additional information can be found, please hit the link below and send me an e-mail. I really would like some more info on Canada and Mexico.
e-mail link to the Trayman
The main sources of information regarding Beer Trays I use are as follows:
* Reference Books
* Breweriana Magazines
* Intertnet Web Sites
* Breweriana Friends (this group is typically very friendly and helpful)
Try the links below for some nice Breweriana sites focusing in Breweriana History and some nice sites built by other Collectors. If you would like me to add your site to my links, please send me the link via e-mail (e-mail link to the Trayman).
Links to Breweriana Historical Sites
Links to Breweriana Collectors Sites
I would like to thank and acknowledge the Authors and Publishers below for providing information which I have included throughout this site. Some great books and articles if you are interested in the sport of Breweriana.
Advertising Trays
Beer, Whiskey, Soda Water, Political, Change Trays, Vienna Art
Tom Polansky Thomas W. Polansky 1971
American Breweriana Journal Various ABA Contributors American Breweriana Journal Various
American Breweries II Dale P. Van Wieren Eastern Coast Breweriana Association 1995
Journal of the North Ameriacan Breweriana Advertising Various NABA Contributors Unknown Various
An Unofficial Collectors Guide
Donna Baker Schiffer Publishing Co. 1999
Back Bar Breweriana George J. Baley L-W Book Sales 1992
The Beer Book
An Illustrated Guide to American Breweriana
Will Anderson The Pyne Press, Princeton 1973
The Beer Tray Guide Alan Alcorn & Paul Burden College Hill Publishing 1979
Breweries of Cleveland Carl H. Miller Schnitzelbank Press, Cleveland  
Collectible Beer Trays Gary Straub Schiffer Publishing Co. 1995
Fink's Off the Wall Auction Guides Don Finks Unknown Various
The World of Beer Memorabilia Herb and Helen Haydock Collector Books 1997
The Beer Book:
An Illustrated Guide to American Breweriana
Will Anderson The Pine Press, Princeton 1973
United States Beer Cans Beer Can Collectors of America Quality Books Inc. 2001
A Must Have for Beer Lovers
Various CheckerBee Publishing 2000
Reference Materials Buying & Selling Cleaning Grading Hanging
Manufacturers Shipping Storage Value
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