Cruz Blanca Cerveza Fina
"...y una Cerveza"
"Ante todo Calidad!
Tray Manufacturer:
Zapata Hnos (ZH) Mexico
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
1950's or 60's
Near Mint
Size, Shape & Style:
13.25" x 1.75"
Round - SS Dish
Date & Where Purchased:
September 2002
Gordon Downing
Cruz Blanca Dominoes
Stock Tray:
Cerverceria Cruz Blanca Cruz Blanca
Chihuahua, Mexico
Comments: OK, here we go with multiple stories on this nice one. Story number 1 - it took me three tries at this tray until Icalled it 'good'. First was a rust bucket, second was pretty good and this one is minty. I really like this tray for several reasons. Story number 2 - the colors - I went to Texas A&M University, so the Maroon and White are favorite colors of mine. Story number 3 - It is a Mexican tray and most everyone knows I like them. Story number 4 - Dominoes. Now of course they aren't playing real dominoes. They are play straight dominoes, which where I learned to play was for and I quote from the legendary party animal Glenn Starr "The only people who play straight dominoes are prisoners and school kids." '42' was the game. Across between hearts and spades where you can look like you have a great hand one minute and then a piece of junk the next. A blast of a game, which can easily be played drunk or sober. Most of my games took place in the Dixie Chicken with a nice cold Pearl in my hand. Would take a book to fill up recolections of the Dixie Chicken and most, I am not sure, I would want my mom to read. Oh to be in my early 20's again....
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