Westchester County Brewing Co.
"The Cockfight"
"Wurzburger Beer - Pilsener Beer"
"The Beer you can bet your money on"
Tray Manufacturer:
American Art Works
Coshocton, OH
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:

13.25" x 13.25" x 1"
Square - Pie
Date & Where Purchased:
September 1999
Westchester Cockfight
Stock Tray:
Westchester County Brewing Co.
Pelham, NY
Comments: An unusual tray from American Art Works. This picture was Copy Righted in 1912, so we know the tray was no earlier than this. Then we move to American Breweries II and we see the brewery opperated with the name Westchester County Brewing Co. from 1910 to 1920. There fore we narrow it down to from 1912 to 1920. If you look at the picture very closely you will note the two old guys, look quite abit alike - I am guessing they are supposed to be brothers. This is a very tough tray. My friend Darryl picked up a minty one which looks just awesome.
Brewery - Westchester Theme - Chickens Geography - NY Tray # 876
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