Miller High Life
"The Champagne of Bottle Beer"
Tray Manufacturer:
American Can Co.
Multiple Locations
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Late 1940's & 1950's
Near Mint
Size, Shape & Style:
13" x 1.75"
Round SS Dish
Date & Where Purchased:
Late 1980's
No Clue
1950's Miller Lady
Stock Tray:
Miller Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Comments: One of the most common trays out there. Would say you can find a least 3 posted on eBay every week. Seems everyone who went on a brewery tour must have picked one of these babies up. It is an attractive tray. Mine is about as close to mint as you can get.
Brewery - Miller Theme - Pretty Ladies Geography - WI Tray # 132
Tray Trivia Answer: At last count, the Trayman was aware of 5 different versions of the Miller Lady on trays - see below. The 1930's version also graced their Charger from the same time frame. The 1940's version can be found in a 12" round and an oval version. Lately two new reincarnations of the Miller Lady surfaced. I believe you may be able to purchase them at Brewery Gift Stores. If anyone knows of more, please let me know. The long oval is not in my collection - this picture is from an eBay listing.
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