Muehlebach's Pilsener Beer
"Purest and Best"
Tray Manufacturer:
Kaufmann & Strauss Co.
New York, NY
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Near Mint
Size, Shape & Style:
13" x 0.75"
Round Shallow Plate - Litho
Date & Where Purchased:
November 2000
Muehlebach Bottle
Stock Tray:
Geo. Muehlebach Brewing Co.
Kansas City, Missouri
Comments: A pristine tray from Muehlebach. This tray is from Herb Ramsey's collection. Picked it up on eBay. This is my second one. I was thinking mine was pretty good, until I saw this one. Wow!!! Other than one slight flaw at 1 O'clock, this baby is perfect. The light spot on the upper left of the shield, is a reflection. An awesome tray and a must for a complete Midwest tray collection.
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