Most Predominant Name on the Tray
"Any Quotes or Sub-titles of Significance"

The Best Picture I could get.
Tray Manufacturer:
Name of the Manufacturer and
Where the their Company's

headquarters is located
Est. Mint Value:
My Estimate of a Mint or Near Mint Condition Tray. We can argue until the cows come home on this one. My estimates come from watching auctions and a few reference books. None would hold up in a court of law. Near Mint is reserved for older trays where finding one in Mint condition is just about impossible.
Date of Manufacture:
Estimate of Date of Manufacture
Not very Scientific,
unless they are for sale.
Size, Shape & Style:
Yes, I got out the tape measure.
It must be the engineer in me. See Tray info for more information on various styles and manufacturing processes. Try to identify Litho Trays when I can.
Date & Where Purchased:
My best recollection of who, when and where I secured the particular tray.
If I know a nickname for a particular tray or if I have a nickname for it. I will know I have arrived, when one of my made up names makes it to eBay. If you know a better one -email me.
Stock Tray:
My knowledge if this tray a stock tray, which has been used by at least one other brewery. Does not mean it is not stock if it has a "No", just that I don't know of another Brewery using it.
Formal Brewer's Name
and location by City and State

of the main brewery
Comments: My ramblings about this particular tray --> Sometimes it is additional description about condition or interesting parts of the tray. Sometimes it is just some facts I thought were interesting about the brewery or the tray itself. Sometimes it is just a "fishing story" about how I found it in a flea market for pennies on the dollar or how I slugged it out on eBay with 'LiquidBreadJr.' or 'KingCora'. Sometimes it is just my opportunity to purge some thoughts as a wanna be writer. Hope you enjoy my ramblings, as they are quite therapeutic for me.
Tray Trivia
If I have one to tease you with.
Please send me any interesting tidbits so I can add more trivia.
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