Hudson County Consumers Brewing Co.
"West Hoboken, NJ - Telephone No 275, Union."
"Hudson Brau - Hudson Special - Hudson Light"
Tray Manufacturer:
Chas. W. Shonk
Chicago, IL
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Near Mint
Size, Shape & Style:
13.75" x 10.5" x 0.5"
Rectangular - Pie - Litho
Date & Where Purchased:
May 2002
Hudson Consumer Factory
Stock Tray:
Hudson County Consumers Brewing Co.
West Hoboken, New Jersey
Comments: I don't know if I have another tray in my collection with a higher level of detail then this tray. The artist must have been the most patient person on the planet. Quick Quiz - How many smoke stacks are puffing away? 26, as near as I can count. I am pretty sure this plant would not stand up to today's EPA standards. I am guessing there are not too many of these babies around and if there are, they are locked up in New Jersey collector's stashes nice and tight. You can bet mine is going nowhere anytime soon. What a phenomenal tray. Triple WOW on this one. One of Shonk's finest.
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