Hohenadel Beer - Ale
"We Earned Supremacy"
"John Hohendadel Brewery, Inc."
"Doppelbrau - Alt Pilsener - Inda Queen Ale"
Tray Manufacturer:
Electro-Chemical Engraving Co.
New York, NY
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
12" x 1.25"

Round - SS Dish
Date & Where Purchased:
June 1998
Round Hohenadel Food
Stock Tray:
John Hohenadel Brewery, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Comments: The much tougher of the Hohenadel food trays. You see the oval one quite often, but I have only seen this one a couple of times. Another sharp Electro-Chemical tray, with the very straight side walls. Makes it tough to stack, but it looks cool. I guess this would be a case of Form over Function. Nice art work on this with a creative artist thinking - "Hey wouldn't it be cool if you could see the hotdogs through the glass of beer?" Nice tray. Some would argue with my price estimate, but I bet this is what it would take to get a mint one.
Brewery - Hohenadel Theme - Food Geography - PA Tray # 693
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