Dick's Quincy Beer
Tray Manufacturer:
American Can Co.
New York & Chicago
Est. Near Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Very Good
Size, Shape & Style:
13.25" x 10.5" x 1.25"
Rectangular - Pie
Date & Where Purchased:
November 2001
Rectangular Dick's
Stock Tray:
Dick & Bros. Q.B. Co's.
Quincy, Illinois
Comments: A nice Dick's tray. Not as common as you would think. I saw one in an Antique store in Iowa and did not pick it up. It was several years, like 12 or 13, before I saw this one. Interesting story on this one, In 1977, the American Bowling Congress & the Women's International Bowling Congress in Milwaukee decided to build a stand-alone museum & hall of fame. They bid the museum out to many different cities---St. Louis won. The museum opened in June 1984. There was a cafe called "Cafe 300" (cute, huh?) located in what is now the museum lobby. The museum's first curator (a guy named Bruce Pluckhahn who is now retired & living in Milwaukee) traversed the country, going through antique shops & buying stuff like these signs & trays to decorate the cafe. So, from 1984 until the cafe closed in the late 80s, these items hung in the museum's lobby near the cafe. After the cafe closed, the trays & signs sat in storage. In about 1995, 27 of these trays were loaned to the Marriott Hotel across the street, where they were displayed in the "Pitchers" bar & grill in the lobby of the hotel. The hotel remodeld and back they came to the Curator of the Bowling Hall of Fame. With no need for them, they were put out on eBay. I was lucky enough to get this one and a great Robin Hood tray.
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