Tube City Beer
"Tube City Brewing Co. - McKeesport, PA"
Tray Manufacturer:
American Can Co.
Various Locations
Est. Near Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
12" x 1.25"
Round - SS Dish
Date & Where Purchased:
June 1999
Tube City
Tube City Brewing Co.
McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Comments: O.K., it is time to talk about how people use my site. I am guessing the largest use is to check out prices, before or during an Auction. This is great and one of the main intents of my site! The one problem I do have, is when I need an upgrade (i.e. this particular tray) everyone knows it. When a nice one comes up, people check out the site and have a good idea if I am going to be pursuing the particular tray and how much I might be willing to pay (based on my Near Mint price estimates). I have actually pulled a Tray Detail page in the past, when I was really interested in a particular tray. I have done it a couple of times in the Spanish tray area, as these collectors can be especially brutal. I have actually stopped posting Spanish trays, because prices have gotten so obnoxious with that group. Oh well. I do need an upgrade on this one, so hopefully someone will contact me, rather than me having to pull when a nice one goes on eBay!!!
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