Drink Famous Bushkill Lager Beer
"Bushkill Products Co. - Easton PA."
"Bottlers - Brewers"
Tray Manufacturer:
Signs - Displays
Philadelphia, PA
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
13.5" x 2.00"
Round - SS Dish
Date & Where Purchased:
November 2000
The Cool Bushkill
Stock Tray:
Bushkill Products Co.
Easton, Pennsylvania
Comments: I can't believe I actually out bid Brian (www.briansbreweriana.com) for something he really wanted for his collection. He e-mailed me later and indicated he would have gone higher, but he did not think anyone else was going after it. I lucked out for once with Brian!!! Got to meet him at the Blue and Gray Show - a very nice guy, but way more serious about the sport than I. Anyway, on to the tray. It is a very heavy, well constructed tray with the typical little bottom ridge which you usually see on American Art Work 13" trays. However it is not an American Art Works tray, but manufactured by ACME. This particular tray is in awesome condition with only one small mar between 5 and 6 o'clock. It is proudly hanging on my wall and will not to be added to Brian's wall unless he comes up with a Steg Kitty or something way up on my want list! By the way is Easton where they make the nice Aluminum Bats and baseball equipment?
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