Ruff's The Brew For You
"Indian Mound Park - Quincy Near The Ruff Brewing Co."
Tray Manufacturer:
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Very Good
Size, Shape & Style:
13.25" x 1"
Round - Pie
Date & Where Purchased:
March 2001
Illinois Breweriana Show
Ruff Indian Mound Park
Stock Tray:
Ruff Brewing Co.
Quincy, Illinois
Comments: Picked this one up at a Illinois Breweriana Show. Gentleman drove down from Chicago for the show. I believe he said he was the President of NABA. Certainly knowledgable and friendly. He had an Admiral Dewy tray (can't remember the Brewery) that was awesome. Not for sale, just for drooling over. This Pie tray is a bit unusual. It has a ridge half way up the side. You can barely make it out just under "The Ruff Brewing Co." at the bottom of the tray. Unfortunately the manufacturer is not marked. I am thinking it may be the Kaufmann & Strauss Co. as there is an Oertel's tray which has very similar dimensions, the same rim ridge and a very similar approach to the placard for the Brewery name and Tray Title. Go here to take a look at the Oertel's tray.
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