Drink Cardinal Beer
"Costs 25% More to Brew, but Worth More"
"Standard Brewing Co. of Scranton, PA"
Tray Manufacturer:
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
12" x 1.25"
Round - Porcelain Plate
Date & Where Purchased:
June 1998
Porcelain Cardinal
Stock Tray:
Standard Brewing Co.
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Comments: Interesting story on how I acquired this one. I missed out on this one on eBay. The buyers name looked liked a dealers name, so I contacted and ask if they were just retailing the tray? And if so I would like to purchase after their mark up. Well it turned out to be one the Tray Dealers. They were kind of to let me purchase directly from the seller. Have to have this one in my collection since I live in St. Louis and am a Cardinal fan. This is my oldest sons favorite tray - not because he likes trays, but because he likes the Cards.
Brewery - Standard - PA Theme - Script Geography - PA Tray # 290
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