The Trayman's Tray Trivia Question #3
The correct answer is F & S. As far as the Trayman knows (A buddy in PA says lots of PA breweries, continued to produce on the sly, so this answer may be suspect too), the Furhman & Schmidt Brewing Co. had no connections with organized crime. Most breweries who were in operation during prohibition, were associated with the mafia and according to American Breweries II, this brewery was not even a company during that time period. The other four are documented as having mob connections. Canadian Ace was owned by Al Capone. Schultz was operated by Dutch Schultz and ABC was owned and operated by St. Louis mobsters and were rivals of Al Capone. Yonkers is noted as being a significant bootleg supplier during prohibition in New York.
If you got this on the first try, you are CORRECT!!!
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