Iron City Brewing Co.

"Beer, Ale and Porter"
Tray Manufacturer:
H.D. Beach Co.
Coshocton, OH
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
16.75" x 13.75" x 0.75"
Oval - Inverted Pie - Litho
Date & Where Purchased:
March 2004
Iron City Puppies
Stock Tray:
H.D. Beach # 6
Iron City Brewing Co.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Comments: One of the hardest of the Stock Puppy trays for sure. This one is in very nice condition. Others using this stock tray (# 6 in the famous Meek & Beach Catalog Number 12 of 1901) include: Neff out of Colorado, Supreme and Catasaqua also out of PA. Question on this tray is it from Lebanon or Pittsburgh. The dates would be consistent with Iron City Brewing Co. in Lebanon prior to prohibition. Please e-mail me and let me know if someone knows for sure.
Brewery - Iron City Theme - Animals Geography - PA Tray # 1043
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