Oertel Brew Cream Beer
"Pale - Dark"
"Bottled By John F. Oertel Co. - Incorporated Louisville, KY"
Tray Manufacturer:
Kaufmann & Strauss Co.
New York, NY
Est. Mint Value:
Date of Manufacture:
Size, Shape & Style:
13.25" x 1"
Round - Pie
Date & Where Purchased:
May 2001
Internet Site
Oertel's Lady & Dove or Oertel's Purity
Stock Tray:
John F. Oertel Co.
Louisville, Kentucky
Comments: This Pie tray is a bit unusual. It has a ridge half way up the side. The tray manufacturer, Kauffman and Strauss, is almost certainly the same as the manufacturer for the Ruff tray at this link. It has the same dimensions, ridge and placard for the Brewery name. This is a stock tray by Kaufmann & Strauss titled "Purity". I have seen this tray used by a couple of different East and West Coast Breweries. I think the Oertel's version is a bit tougher to find than some of the others. As my friend Dave says "Chicks dig this one". I know, I know this is getting pretty close to being a Victorian Lady tray. If my girlfriend didn't like it so much it might not be in the collection. My strategy is to insure there are a few she likes to combat all the other ones. Negotiations for wall space are always tricky, so having some she likes available for hanging is an excellent bargaining approach.
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