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Hanging Trays
One of the most frequently e-mailed questions the Trayman has received is how do you hang beer trays. Well I hang them a couple of different ways and none of them involve ten penny nails or Liquid Nails. I was aghast when I purchased a few trays from the Haydock collection, which was displayed in Oldenberg for a while. It seems many of the trays had been attached to the walls with Liquid Nails. Man was that stuff hard to get off and there is still residual on some of the backs which would require a blow torch and a chisel to complete the job.
My preferred methods of hanging include: strong magnets and 2" x 2" self-adhesive hooks. Magnets are the easiest to use and as long as you don’t slide them around a whole bunch on the magnet, the best for the back of the tray. The heavy porcelain trays don’t work too well with the Magnets. Matter of fact, nothing works to well with the heavier porcelain trays. So where do you buy these magnets. Dan Morean sells them on his site - www.breweriana.com. I have also seen some advertised in the ABA Magazine. If anyone knows of any other places, please let me know. The Trayman and a buddy in St. Louis are thinking about coming up with our own version, but nothing yet.
The second method is to use 2" x 2" self-adhesive hooks, which can be found in most hardware stores, Walmart’s, etc. Key here is to make sure the paint on the back of the tray is in sound condition. If not, do not use this technique as the paint will come off and the tray will not stay on the wall. When you are applying the hook, make sure you get it centered vertically toward the top of the tray. If you don’t the tray will not hang true. Now drive a nail where you want the tray. Take a piece of string and tie it in a circle about the size of a quarter. String to hook and string to nail and you are hung. If you want to remove the hook, soak it for a while in some Goo-Gone and it should come off pretty easily.
Some people use plate hooks, but I personally find those tacky and the metal claws can leave mars on the rims. Lots of people still pound a nail through them, especially in bars where they tend to walk away if they are not secured. You can imagine what that does to the value of a tray. Can you say plummet? A few manufactures actually factory installed a hole for hanging. I know of several from Mexico with holes pre-drilled.
Another suggestion I go from another collector was to make some 3" wide shelves with a little lip on them. This is definitely the best way to do it for the least amount of ware, but make sure they are secure. If someone slams a door, they may go flying.
Still another suggestion comes from my frined Davipar (eBay handle). He takes 8" x 2" thin strips of magnet and staples them to the wall. He then places the tray on the strip. Works pretty good from what I could see.
If you have any other techniques, please forward them to the Trayman for inclusion in this section.
Hanging Buying & Selling Cleaning Grading Manufacturers
References Shipping Storage Value
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