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The dreaded packing peanuts (or sometimes know as ghost poop) will certainly help get your package there in one piece, but man I hate those little static electricty mongers. They go everywhere and stick to everything.
Packaging and Shipping Tips
The Trayman prefers U.S. Priority Mail. Insured when appropriate. UPS is a real pain. They will not leave behind (unless you work out a deal with your regular delivery person), they don't deliver to post office boxes, they don't provide free boxes, they don't deliver on Saturdays, and you can't mail them on Saturdays (excpet at a Mail Boxes Etc. and then it does not actually ship until Monday) . Federal Express and Emory are too expensive.
Packing for shipment should include bubble wrap around the tray. Newspaper or peanunts packed on the bottom and top. Always error on too much packing rather than too little.
The two best Priority Mail boxes for trays are the __ and the __. The smaller one is great for 12" trays. The larger one fits most pies pretty well and sometimes a 13" SS Dish. If you are shipping more than one tray, wrap them in newspaper (a couple of sheets thick), stack them the best you can by size and then wrap them with bubble wrap. Newspaper or peanuts around the bundle and tape the box well and they should arrive in excellent condition.
Shipping Buying & Selling Cleaning Grading Hanging
Manufacturers References Storage Value
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