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General Thoughts on Tray Storage
Not too much to storage. Keep them from rattling together by placing bubble wrap, newspaper or some other material between them and store them a cool, dry (emphais on dry) place. Humidity is the enemy for metal trays.
Nice Storage System for 12" and 10.5" x 13" Rectagular Trays

I recently came up with a pretty nice method for storing 12" and small rectangular trays. I purchased some of the plastic crates which are designed to hold hanging file folders for office use. I think milk crates might work too. The crates are about 13" by 15" and a result the trays stack neatly inside of them. The nice thing about the crates is they stack nicely on top of one another and they have great handles for carting a load around.
The specific crate I purchased was Yaffa which I have found at Bed Bath and Beyond (hey I can only hang out in the towel section so long and my girlfriend takes a while to select that perfect bath sheet - whatever the heck a bath sheet is?), Office Max (a little pricey there), one time at Walmart (but I have not seen them there since) and the cheapest ones I found were at Garden Ridge (the original store is just north of San Antonio, but they are starting to pop up in other parts of the country as we now have one in St. Louis). You may want to sand or file down the inside of the handle as they can be a bit sharp or uncomfortable at a minimum. The crates come in a rainbow of colors, so if you want to separate the trays for easier access there is a myriad of ways you could do it. I am currently sorting by geography, by state and alphabetically by brewery. If I want to find a Beverwyck tray I go to the maroon NY crates and select the one I have labeled A - F and walla there she is. Has cut my searching time significantly.
So that is part one of the system. The second part is to get some large (2 Gallon) zip lock bags. I put one in a bag, stack another one without a bag and then stack the next in a bag. I think you get the point. I provides excellent protection from clanking and chipping. If you place the tray in the bag with the face side toward the back of the bag, then you get a clear view of the tray without the white area used for marking the item. You don't need freezer bags. They are quite expensive and the regular ones give enough protection. I don't typically zip the bags up and if I do, I don't zip them all the way as they then hold air in which make them tougher to stack.
The nice thing about this system is you can search through your trays rather quickly and they are ready for moving around. I find I look them them quite a bit more since I have started segregating in this manner. The same system works for some other size trays too. I have actually found a 2.5 Gallon bag which the 13" Pies fit into nicely too. I have not come up with the perfect crate yet, but you can bet I am searching. As for the pesky 13" Dishes, no solution yet, so if you have one, please let me know. Large Ovals, Squares and Rectangular trays are still not solved yet either. At this time, I keep the 13's segregated by geography and the others by size. Bubble wrap and plastic between them whenever possible.
Storage Cleaning Grading Hanging Value
Buying & Selling Shipping Manufacturers References
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